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Teacher Alex is SIP Academy HK’s Managing Director and a teacher of the SIP Abacus Plus programme.  He is busy managing the business, but he is also very passionate about bringing out the potential of children, pushing him to make time to teach a batch of students as well.


Teacher Alex is confident about the programme and the positive changes it can offer all children because he has seen all three of his nephews grow up learning from SIP Academy and can see how each one have become better learners, confident individuals, able to pick up extra curricular activities with ease and exceling in school.


His personal experience inspired him to open in Hong Kong and share the programme with all other like-minded parents and individuals.


Teacher Alex comes from a family of businessmen and have ran a few of his own businesses in trading and manufacturing.  He is attaining his professional qualification in accounting and has an undergraduate degree in Economics.


Teacher Alex is a native English speaker and is also fluent in a few other languages.

Director/Course Instructor



Teacher Julie is a mother of two young girls and left her professional legal career to spend time with her family and to promote the benefits of SIP Abacus Plus. She became an SIP Abacus Plus teacher because she is very passionate about the programme and want to bring out the interest in her daughters to learn and help other like-minded parents with their children as well.


Apart from her legal background, she also holds a Business and an Economics degree and participates in many non-profit organizations in Hong Kong.


English is her native language and she can also converse in Cantonese.

Director/Course Instructor



Teacher Katherine is a mother of two children and a professional bridge engineer for over 10 years. She is passionate with numbers and patient with children, which makes it easy to understand why she loves being a teacher at SIP Academy Hong Kong and teaching the SIP Abacus Plus program to children!


Teacher Katherine is a licensed professional engineer and attained an undergraduate degree in computer sciences.  She enjoys logic games and finding fun and educational events for her kids in Hong Kong.


Her native language is English and recently relocated to Hong Kong.  She can speak Cantonese and has a basic command of Putonghua.

Course Instructor



Teacher Len loves interacting with children of all ages and has a strong passion for being a teacher. Through her numerous careers, she found her love for children and nourishing their curious minds through fun and educational play.


Before becoming a teacher at SIP Academy Hong Kong, Teacher Len attained her Doctorate of Dental Medicine and gained numerous years of experience working in sales and marketing in Hong Kong and China.


She is very patient and always carries a smile wherever she goes!


She is a native English speaker and can carry basic conversation in Cantonese and Putonghua.

Course Instructor



Teacher Susan has over 7 years of teaching experience gained from teaching in Hong Kong and Canada.  She loves interacting with children and the children enjoys her classes as well.  She treats her students as if they are her own children.


Teacher Susan has attained a Bachelor of Sciences, a Masters in Social Sciences and a teaching certificate.  She is a passionate teacher and care about how well each of her students are progressing.  She is a very kind and loving soul and loves animals.


She is a native English teacher and can speak Cantonese.

Course Instructor


Our Team

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