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SIP Abacus Plus HK
Has Moved to a NEW LOCATION!!!

Visit us at

Unit 1301, Kwai Hung Holdings Centre
89 King's Road, Causeway Bay


This Abacus and brain exercise program is a system of education that maximizes the potential of the child’s brain and improve learning ability. Working on abacus optimizes and integrates the functions of the left and the right brain during the early years. Scientific research has proved that the use of Abacus stimulates the nerves in the fingers and sends message through the neurons. This continuous process of information transfer energizes the brain. Brain Gym exercises designed by Dr. Paul Dennison from the United States enhances communication flow between functional centres and removes mental blocks resulting in whole brain development.

The SIP Abacus and Brain Gym Program uses internationally proven tools like Abacus, Brain Gym and Speed Writing to help children improve their learning ability. This Program is recommended for children in the age group of 5-12, however, younger children have also tried and excelled. 

It is an after school enrichment Program designed to develop life skills in young children.

SIP Junior is one of the latest accelerated learning methodology Program that aims at enhancing and optimizing the child's hidden potential such as their imagination, creativity and computation skills to evoke their senses to comprehend. The Program aims to make children “smarter” by improving their quick learning and social skills.

SIP AMAL Program is recommended for children 4 ½ to 6 ½ years old, however, younger children have also exceled.


About Us

SIP Academy has been running world-class skill development programmes since 2003. With over 900 centres in 11 countries worldwide, SIP is making a significant impact on the mental potential of children.

At SIP, we understand that each kid is unique with his/her potential to be a winner. SIP's belief has always been to develop programmes ‘Keeping the Child in Mind' and hence, follow the fun learning methodology. This fun learning methodology ensures the objective of making the child achieve excellence not only in academics, but also in other walks of life. This is achieved by the active involvement of Parent, Teacher and the Child to ensure best results.

SIP Academy's programmes are designed for children between the ages of 5 to 12 years and impart key life skills like:

  • Learning Skills through the SIP Abacus programme

  • Thinking & Collaboration Skills through the SIP AMAL programme

Moreover, our programmes are designed to empower our children with the key skills required to face the 21st Century as below:

  1. Creativity & Innovation

  2. Critical Thinking

  3. Communication

  4. Collaboration

  5. Confidence

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